spyphone-android Android Spy Phone

  • Listening to phone surroundings and call
  • List of all SMS and WhatsApp IM chats (including groups)
  • Real time tracking of GPS location

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spyphone-iphoneiPhone Spy Phone

  • Listening to call and phone surroundings
  • View of browsing hystory, email, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook ecc.
  • GPS live tracking

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spyphone-blackberryBlackberry Spy Phone

  • Listening to call and phone surroundings
  • View of email, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp ecc.
  • Tracking location

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Spyphone software for OS Android, iPhone, Blackberry.

Spyphone software for latest new Blackberry, iPhone, Samsung, HTC mobile phones and more. Only by Spyphone.it!

A spy phone is a needful tool allowing you to protect your assets, as well as your family and loved ones, whatever happens. Spy phone also allows you to keep an eye on touch-and-go situations: a cheating partner, a dishonest employee, a delicate circumstance, a youngest in danger, a tracking on the elderly, a vehicle to be saved from stolen.

Our spyphone software allows you to listen to live sounds and telephone conversations, and to record them to hear comforatbly later. It also allows you to track your monitored cell phone wherever it is, as well as to receive a copy of a sent-received text message, plus all instant text messaging via Internet, such as WhatsApp, Skype, viber, Telegram and more.

How can you get all these great features? Very easy. Go on our Functions spy-phone page, choose one of the mentioned spy phone softwares* and contact us immediately for purchase.

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*Warning. The use of a spy phone without the authorization by the person you are going to spy, constitutes an invasion of privacy, thus a criminal offense. To the extent permitted by law, the spy phones, however, have helped many families to prevent serious social problems. Any improper use contravenes the Art. 98 of italian Law, 615 bis, 617 bis of 04/08/74 Penal Code and the Art. 226 of Code of Criminal Procedure, confidentiality of privacy and interception of communications. Also contravenes the italian Law 675 of 31/12/96 concerning the collection of personal data and privacy rights.