How to spy on a cell phone with an app: the dashboard

5 January 2018    

Last time we mentioned what a spy phone app for Android, iPhone or Blackberry mobile phones can do for you, giving you a summary of its real potential. In this article we are going to show you in detail some spy app functions being in the dahboard. Provided that, in the meantime, you have already taken steps to install the app on the phone to be monitored. Well, here below you can see…    read more 

How to track a mobile phone location in a professional way

12 July 2017    

Would you like to know what are the main benefits of using a spy tool to track the cell phone on which it has been installed? Well, in the following article you will get the answer. Just a short warning: spying on a person by mobile is illegal, thus you should need to have his consent to do it. Well, let’s go on. The real time GPS tracking, as well as all  other…    read more