Social media and cyberbullying: is it being done enough?

24 May 2018    

We have all been aware for a while that social media might be a breeding ground for stalkers and cyberbullies. Anyway the latest news which would accuse Facebook, Twitter and whatnot, of inadequate protection against the increasing incidence of cyberbullying, left all of us with a bad taste in our mouths. Also because some timid attempts had already been made by Facebook, that recently published a sort of guidelines aimed at informing…    read more 

Turn your spy phone into an audio listening device by “live panel” menu

10 April 2018    

In this post we are going to talk about “live panel” menu included  in our spy phone app platform, by focusing in particular on “live audio” function able to turn a spy phone into a real audio listening device. That’s how “live panel” looks like once you log in this specific area: As you can see in the screenshot above, in “live panel” area you can also find “live audio” function, which can be effectively…    read more 

Spy phone app for parental control: the usefulness of a spy phone software

23 February 2018    

If you have school age or teenager kids, you can be pretty sure in the coming years you could meet some troubles for protecting them against mobile threats or Internet risks in general. In fact, on the web, grooming, sexting, cyberbullying and other forms of children abuse are there for all to see. So, what to do? A spy phone app for Android, iPhone or Blackberry mobile phones can be one of…    read more 

Did you know your spy phone app may also work like an alarm system?

26 January 2018    

Are you going to leave for a few days without having installed any surveillance system in your apartment or car? Do not worry, since there’s a smart solution that can get you the same results: a spy software for mobile phones! So let’s see in detail how a spy phone may help you in keeping a room or car cockpit under control, apart from its usual features. If you take a look…    read more 

How to spy on a cell phone with an app: the dashboard

15 January 2018    

Last time we mentioned what a spy phone app for Android, iPhone or Blackberry mobile phones can do for you, giving you a summary of its real potential. In this article we are going to show you in detail some spy app functions being in the dahboard. Provided that, in the meantime, you have already taken steps to install the app on the phone to be monitored. Well, here below you can see…    read more 

How to track a mobile phone location in a professional way

6 December 2017    

Would you like to know what are the main benefits of using a spy tool to track the cell phone on which it has been installed? Well, in the following article you will get the answer. Just a short warning: spying on a person by mobile is illegal, thus you should need to have his consent to do it. Well, let’s go on. The real time GPS tracking, as well as all  other…    read more