Did you know your spy phone app may also work like an alarm system?

26 January 2018|

Are you going to leave for a few days without having installed any surveillance system in your apartment or car? Do not worry, since there’s a smart solution that can get you the same results: a spy software for mobile phones! So let’s see in detail how a spy phone may help you in keeping a room or car cockpit under control, apart from its usual features.

If you take a look at spyphone functions, you will notice there are two among these latter in particular which perfectly suit our purpose: cell phone audio listening/recording and mobile position tracking. These are, in fact, the two functions your may use in order to turn your smartphone into an effective audio surveillance system from a distance. Even better if your device is hidden from evildoer’s sight just to not arouse suspicion.

At the same time we suggest to configure your monitoring operations in deferred mode to start your work automatically in recursive times. In this way you will be able to hear any unusual sound occurring within your apartment or, in case of car, to get and follow the vehicle position as well. In this case the spy phone dashboard may result incredibly valuable, because it works as a real listening and recording station reporting all ‘actions’ undertaken by the spy cell phone.

Well, is that true it seems to be a simple, effective and absolutely legal way to take care of your home or beloved car? We bet the answer’s yes.

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