Spy phone app for parental control: the usefulness of a spy phone software

23 February 2018|

If you have school age or teenager kids, you can be pretty sure in the coming years you could meet some troubles for protecting them against mobile threats or Internet risks in general. In fact, on the web, grooming, sexting, cyberbullying and other forms of children abuse are there for all to see. So, what to do? A spy phone app for Android, iPhone or Blackberry mobile phones can be one of the possible solutions to adopt. In this case it would be convenient for you to know that monitoring a person without his explicit consent is, in most cases, illegal.

Anyway in parental control some exceptions may arise due to educational and preventive purposes. Such of them may be, for example, all those situations that reveal a certain danger on behavior intent involving children: on line talking or text message exchanged between child and unknown people, browsing pornographic websites or those ones encouraging violence, as well as moving physically within unusual or dangerous places.

That said, let’s see below some spy phone features which have proven to be effective in remote monitoring of children and teens:

  • SMS tracking and WhatsApp messenger chat monitoring: this function is extremely important to intercept those incoming or outgoing text messages occuring on the smartphone, in order to prevent any grooming or cyberbullying episodes;
  • Adding/requesting friends or any other notifications on Facebook: here too prevention plays an important role in weighing unsuitable friendships, for guaranteeing protection against any grooming or sexting phenomena;
  • Tracking cell phone position: knowing in real time the GPS smartphone position can be helpful in case of movements in dangerous geographical areas, as well as late coming home or missing children;
  • Live listening/recording of environmental sounds: this spy phone function allows parents to listen to phone surroundings of their own kid, both live and recording ways. This function is very useful for hearing all risky audio conversations;
  • Call logs and related audio recording: recording of mobile phone conversations, coming along with history of all incoming or outgoing calls, is a very effective function suited to identify any signs of danger after that other forms of mobile monitoring have proved to be inappropraite for that specific case;
  • Internet browsing history and blocking access to certain sites or phone contacts: knowing in advance which interests your own child meets on the Internet, by searching on line some specific content, can help you to focus on certain aspects of his personality which must be probed. At the same time, you may decide to avoid him to access to certain sites or mobile phone contacts you consider dangerous;
  • History of all installed apps: this function is very effective in discovering any malicious softwares installed on your kid’s mobile phone (leakage, sniffing etc.), as well as identifying apps with an explicit malicious content.

As you can see, a spy phone app can meet many needs in the child protection field, provided that it is used legally and in a non-invasive way, that means only when it is strictly necessary. In this way, can be preserved a certain degree of children’s privacy ensuring at the same time a good level of his psychological integrity.

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