Turn your spy phone into an audio listening device by “live panel” menu


In this post we are going to talk about “live panel” menu included  in our spy phone app platform, by focusing in particular on “live audio” function able to turn a spy phone into a real audio listening device. That’s how “live panel” looks like once you log in this specific area:


As you can see in the screenshot above, in “live panel” area you can also find “live audio” function, which can be effectively used  to start live audio monitoring operations of mobile phone. All audio monitoring operations can take place by activating the mobile phone mic, when the phone is regularly connected to data network via WiFi or 3G-4G. It is good to reiterate that during the listening issue the spy phone can be safely managed (surfing the net, reading SMS, email, etc.) without being aware of  control in progress.

“Live audio” function is particularly suited to be used to listen to phone surroundings, as well as to get audio information of a certain type even when the phone is at a distance of some meter from sound source. So it acts like a bug audio transmitter, although spy bugs have a better sound quality and sensitivity, prolonged listening capacity and, of course, the ability to be hidden in any place.

And while we’re at it, let’s go to see what it is possible to additionally do by using the other live panel functions:

  • Screen Capture (video):  display video mirroring;
  • Video Capture: spy phone’s camera activation;
  • Audio Capture: spy phone’s microphone activation;
  • Live Audio/Video Capture: spy phone’s audio monitoring by microphone + camera;
  • Photo Capture (Main): ability to take photos using the main smartphone camera;
  • Photo Capture (Front): ability to take photos using the front smartphone camera;
  • Location: ability to get mobile phone GPS position;
  • Screen Capture (foto):  screenshot of mobile phone display.

That said stay in touch with us keeping in mind as well that our spy phone apps are unique and inimitable. So BEWARE OF those who pass off as Endoacustica to market their own products!