How to spy on a cell phone with an app: the dashboard

15 January 2018|

Last time we mentioned what a spy phone app for Android, iPhone or Blackberry mobile phones can do for you, giving you a summary of its real potential. In this article we are going to show you in detail some spy app functions being in the dahboard. Provided that, in the meantime, you have already taken steps to install the app on the phone to be monitored.

Well, here below you can see how the spy app dashboard appears after you have logged in the web platform:


As you can see, the dashboard is very intuitive, thanks principally to the left sidebar grouping main app functions. Anyway let’s take a quick rundown of some of them:

  1. Live Panel: this feature allows you to turn the spy phone into a real audio bug, using its  microphone remotely or other real time control applications (GPS position, photo grabbing, screenshot taking etc.)
  2. Calls: audio recording of all incoming and outgoing  spy phone calls along with details of number, duration and type of call
  3. Sms, WhatsApp ecc: by using these functions you can get a copy of all text/audio conversations occurring on the device
  4. Location: automatic  spy phone GPS tracking (one per hour) , as well as additional related position for each event occurring on the smartphone (call, SMS, etc.)

We can find many other helpul functions as well like Internet history, blocking of certain sites for children protection (porn sites, violence web content etc.), scheduling of audio/photo recordings, as well as complete copy of contacts. Another interesting function is Log Event, very useful for  those who want to get last spy phone status, able to provide a complete list of all performed phone operations (switching off and switching on, app installations, changes occurring and so on).

On the main page you can also view other general information, such as battery charge percentage, type of WiFi / 3G / 4G connection, access status to GPS position, memory used etc, Finally with Last Event you will be able to know the elapsed time since the last connection between mobile phone and monitoring server.

Well, now that you know enough about the newest spy phone apps, you can actually realize the difference between our software and some obsolete or malfunctioning spy phone apps marketed by makeshift salesmen on the Internet. Isn’t it?

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